It’s been a while since we shared some inspirations, so here goes – what we are loving this month, March 2016…food for your mind, soul, growth and productivity.

Book: Revenue Growth Habit

We’ve been reading Alex Goldfayn’s blog for years. Goldfayn presents a no-nonsense, simple formula for building your customer base and revenue. Revenue Growth Habit takes a bit more time than a blog post can, digging more into the details. He’s also doing regular vlog posts around the book too, each giving a couple more minutes of common sense for growth.

Instagram: @clean.setups & @conquer_LA

Although a few too many businesses use Instagram for self promotion and too many individuals show their lunch, it can be a truly artistic medium. We love the visual stimulation from these two IG accounts, each pushing the idea of beauty in different ways. @clean.setups is about slick computer desks. @conquer_la is about amazing shots of our thriving metropolis…

Apps: Pocket

Man, were we late to the party at Pocket or what? So many times we’re out in the world and get advice on something and need a quick way to make it accessible. Why email yourself a link when you can put it in a pocket with one-click? It works on your phone and computer. Far better than a bookmark. Pocket fills the role well.

Podcast: Trend Following with Michael Covel

We’re long-time fans of Michael Covel. If you invest, you should review his books and podcast. Period.

Website: Zapier

We stumbled across Zapier over a year ago, setting up some simple automations for Twitter and Google spreadsheets to shave a few minutes out of redundant or time-consuming processes. The tools have taken a big leap forward now, with even better multi-step recipes. Certainly there is something mundane in your life that you could automate…

Product: Productivity Planner

No doubt that we’re focused on squeezing more juice from our lemons. We’ve stopped multi-tasking to build more websites, do more marketing, write more blogs. One of the smartest tools in that paradigm shift was Productivity Planner, a new daily organizer from the folks who brought us Five Minute Journal (we’re on year two of that!). Productivity Planner came from a super-successful Kickstarter campaign, well worth the investment. Smart.