Twitter Retrospective: 7 Useful Tweets

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I tweet. A lot. My Tweetdeck looks like a command center, with hashtags and accounts… Primarily, I use Twitter as a learning and sharing platform. Sure, once in a while, I crack wise or complain. But 99% of the time, I’m focused on sharing really useful information about the topics that drive my work: #contentmarketing, #ux, #customerexperience, #CRO, #webdevelopment… I collect so much of this content as a web developer who guides clients in social media and other online marketing programs (especially email marketing).

That said, here are 7 REALLY useful posts that I wanted to make sure don’t die a quiet Twitter life. They’re ‘evergreen content’ to help customers get more out of their online marketing.

I hope you find my Twitter shares helpful. It’s an investment of time to curate the best of the best (1 in 10 articles I read may be worthy, and that’s a curated list of 10 sources!). My motivation is certainly generosity. You know, I wish someone told me this before…

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