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Grammar Police: Your, Its, There, Very
5 November

I suppose I’m a badge-carrying member of the grammar police force. Four words in particular can get under my skin

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7 September

“The Japanese word shokunin is defined by both Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries as ‘craftsman’ or ‘artisan,’ but such a literal

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RIP Jay Adams, The Lord of Dogtown
17 August

Arguably, I would not be who am (a rebel), do what I do (create cools stuff), live where I live

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What’s Inspiring Me This Month [April 2014]
7 April

I read. Alot. There’s a pile of books on my nightstand, and although I try to read one at a

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What Are You Loving This Month? [February 2014]
15 February

I was inspired by a business magazine article this week – the question was posed “what are you loving this

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