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Twisted Puppy Blog: Put Out the Flames - Overcoming Negative Reviews
Put Out the Flames: Overcoming Negative Reviews
1 August

Someone recently asked us what to do when your reputation (AKA social proof) takes a hit. Since we’ve had it

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Keeping Visitor Interest Week After Week
Keeping Visitor Interest Week after Week
6 February

Our Interview with Smart Classroom Management’s Michael Linsin One of the more successful small business bloggers we know is Smart

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Twisted Puppy: Social Proof - Convincing Customers You Rock
Social Proof: Convincing Customers You Rock (Part 1 of 2)
28 April

The science of social proof is growing harder to refute. As humans, part of our DNA is looking to our

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Twisted Puppy: The Value of Marketing Frameworks
The Value of Marketing Frameworks
22 April

For the past year, we’ve collated years of lessons learned from technology and marketing into a reusable framework we call

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Twisted Puppy: Instagram for Business - A Beginner's Guide
Instagram for Business: A Beginner’s Guide
22 March

If you’ve been using Instagram for your personal photos, you know it’s an interactive, fun, creative platform. Beautiful images from

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Twisted Puppy: How to Hire a Great Web Development Agency
How to Hire a Great Web Development Agency
25 February

Too often, we hear stories of companies who retained firms to design and develop their website, but the results fell

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Content Marketing: Using Social Delivery for a Good Business Blog Post
Using Social Delivery for a Business Blog Post
28 December

Many small and midsize businesses may use or are considering blogging as part of their marketing strategy. What many fail

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Offshore Development: Trade-Offs vs. Working Onshore
Offshore Development: Trade-Offs vs. Working Onshore
14 December

I have hesitated on posting this for quite some time because I know it’s going to invite some vitriol from

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Twisted Puppy: How to Manage Marketing Consistency
How to Manage Marketing Consistency
1 December

Ah, the perils of not having marketing consistency… When building our first website development and hosting company, my partner and

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Twisted Puppy: Effective Email Marketing Strategies - Planning Your Content
Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Planning Your Content
24 September

If you want to send more effective marketing emails, start with a roadmap. A clear vision of what you’re trying

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Startup Books
Reading List: 6 Startup Books I Wish I’d Read Sooner
22 May

I’ve seen many book lists over the years that urge startups to read a select set of books. Although one

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Props for a Great Customer Experience
27 February

Maybe Cloudmark sent this same email to every customer, but it sure was nice to open and read.   Thank

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Avoid Marketing Peaks & Valleys
3 November

I have seen this phenomenon time and time again, but I would never have understood it unless it happened to

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Uh Oh: Overcoming Negative Social Feedback
1 November

There it is, the latest review on Yelp. You suck. One star. ★ What do you have planned to overcome

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What She Said: The Power of Customer Testimonials
30 October

Nothing your marketing messages say is as powerful as what your customers can say about you. Nielsen’s research indicates that

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