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Maybe Cloudmark sent this same email to every customer, but it sure was nice to open and read.


Thank you for being a valued member of the Cloudmark community. To show our appreciation to your contribution in fighting spam and fraud we have automatically renewed your annual subscription of Cloudmark Desktop for FREE!


I’ve been a long-time subscriber to their spam prevention subscription service (but wish it worked on my phone too…). It’s always worked well, rarely blocking anything it shouldn’t, and saving me countless hours of reading & deleting useless email. So here they’ve done something to make a good customer experience great. Why is this email special? 3 reasons:


  • A great product to start with
    I am spammed hundreds of times each day. I only know because I occasionally empty the folder…


  • Not abusing the privilege of communication
    I don’t know how many times they’ve emailed me over the years, but that’s a good indicator – it’s not often.


  • A purple goldfish
    Companies like Zappos and Doubletree Hotels have mastered the art of lagniappe in their customer experience, as explained in Stan Phelp’s What’s Your Purple Goldfish. This gift from Cloudmark fits the bill.



What have you received lately that was a pleasant surprise from a vendor? Comments welcome about any good customer experiences.