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Twisted Puppy: Showcase - South Bay School of Cooking
Project Details

Client: South Bay School of Cooking

Date: June 1, 2016


Part of us wants to show a before and after on this one... Let's just say the original website appeared circa 1997. It was overdue for an information re-design, facelift and content overhaul.
We love food. Really. Love. Food. So when a cooking school wants to showcase, we know what that should mean. Our goal was to engage the senses - see (we taste with our eyes first), touch (you can practically feel your hands in the dough), hear (chop, chop, chop), smell (fresh herbs, onions sauteing on the stove) and most importantly, taste (we can't resist homemade donuts--who can?). This web project was so much fun, from the photo shoots to writing copy to pushing the site lilve. And we're dying to hone our knife skills, roll out some ravioli and whip up some paella with sangria. Ole.

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