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Twisted Puppy: Showcase - CaptureNotes, CaptureAudio (CaptureApps)
Project Details

Client: G8R Software

Date: January 1, 2016


G8R Software was an early entrant into the world of app development for iPad, and later iPhone, with CaptureNotes (iPad) and CaptureAudio (iPhone/iPod). These amazing apps help students and business personnel take better notes. Including audio and 'flags' to mark important items, these apps help users dramatically improve productivity and accuracy.
Twisted Puppy has been around CaptureApps all along, but with this launch, we helped define the direction. We're working more on a content marketing and content sharing concept. Since notes are often shared, and are an important ingredient in productivity, we want to help the audience (thousands of users around the world) get more productive in every area: taking notes, holding meetings, managing time. The website provides a framework to do so, while also supporting current customers with the app via tutorials and help desk functions.

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