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Twisted Puppy Blog: Secrets of Eye Traction
Secrets of Eye Traction
27 September

We study design, from the simple typographic magic of Massimo Vignelli to the spectacular industrial impact of Jonny Ive. It

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Essential Steps When Hiring a Digital Agency
Essential Steps When Hiring a Digital Agency
8 August

We’ve been in this digital agency business a long time… That includes many great projects over the years, supporting fun,

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Video Engagement
Video Engagement [Infographic]
6 August

Video Engagement Video has become an important tool in website design and online marketing. We have assembled a little infographic

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Put Out the Flames - Overcoming Negative Reviews
Put Out the Flames: Overcoming Negative Reviews
1 August

Someone recently asked us what to do when your reputation (AKA social proof) takes a hit. Since we’ve had it

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Taking OLD SKOOL MARKETING to NEW SCHOOL
Taking Old Skool Marketing to New School
13 July

Perhaps this reflects a bit of reverse ageism…but our generation marketed in different ways than millenials, sometimes actually for the

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Marketing 101: The Importance of Branding
The Importance of Branding
10 July

I was invited to a networking meeting recently, and nearly every time that happens, someone asks where the name “Twisted

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Twisted Puppy: Creating DESIRE - Digital Marketing Strategy
Creating DESIRE
17 March

In his 1984 book Influence, Robert Cialdini shared many academic theories that greatly impacted modern marketing. What original research had

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Instagram #FAILs We See All the Time...
Instagram #FAILs We See All the Time…
28 February

Perhaps our favorite social media platform, one we wish we had more time and energy to fully leverage, is Instagram.

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Twisted Puppy: I Is for Interest
I Is for Interest
7 February

Picture this: someone clicks a link and lands on your website. Moment of truth. Actually split second of truth. Research

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Four Building Blocks of Website Success
Four Building Blocks of Website Success
19 December

You may have read about AIDA, an acronym for Attention – Interest – Decision – Action. We’ve been explaining how to manage funnels in Octagon of BOOM, with reference to AIDA in some of our live presentations. AIDA represents the four building blocks of website success, and here’s our philosophy behind how you can use it to grow your revenue.

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Neuroscience 101 - It's Science Yo!
Neuromarketing 101: It’s Science, Yo!
7 September

Chemistry. Biology. Art. Math. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a fancy phrase that describes “getting online users to take an action

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Twisted Puppy Blog - Mapping Your Customer Journey
Mapping Your Customer Journey
25 July

At Twisted Puppy, we put a high value on customer experience. If you want to build a business, you won’t

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Be bold. Be antifragile. A Basis for Conversion Rate Optimization.
Be Bold. Be Antifragile. Convert More.
9 May

If you’ve been reading here a while or know me personally, you already know I read. A lot. I carry

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Twisted Puppy: Social Proof - Convincing Customers You Rock
Building Social Proof: Convincing Customers You Rock (Part 2 of 2)
2 May

Social proof can have a huge impact on your online marketing. In our earlier post, we discussed how combinations of

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Twisted Puppy: Social Proof - Convincing Customers You Rock
Social Proof: Convincing Customers You Rock (Part 1 of 2)
28 April

The science of social proof is growing harder to refute. As humans, part of our DNA is looking to our

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Twisted Puppy: The Value of Marketing Frameworks
The Value of Marketing Frameworks
22 April

For the past year, we’ve collated years of lessons learned from technology and marketing into a reusable framework we call

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Twisted Puppy: Always. Be. Converting. The State of Conversion in 2016.
Always Be Converting: The State of Conversion in 2016
13 April

Repeat this conversion mantra after me. Always. Be. Converting. It seems that many small and midsize businesses assume that having

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Twisted Puppy: Instagram for Business - A Beginner's Guide
Instagram for Business: A Beginner’s Guide
22 March

If you’ve been using Instagram for your personal photos, you know it’s an interactive, fun, creative platform. Beautiful images from

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Twisted Puppy: Maximizing Effectiveness of Your Website
Maximizing Effectiveness of Your Website
9 March

Sometimes you stumble across something you wish you had said or created yourself. Here’s a fast & loose explanation from

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Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
20 February

Definition of a Landing Page First things first (a pet peeve is folks who get this part wrong…). A landing

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Copywriting that Converts: 8 things to try in your next landing page, blog post or newsletter
Copywriting that Converts
2 February

8 Things to Try in Your Next Landing Page, Blog Post or Newsletter The ultimate goal of copywriting is sales

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Personas: Where Online Marketing Should Start
Personas: Where Online Marketing Should Start
28 January

We’ve been working on a number of online marketing projects lately, and one of the most important preliminary steps is

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Creating Effective Landing Pages: 9 Critical Steps
9 Critical Steps for Creating Effective Landing Pages
20 January

The best (and worst) thing about online marketing today is that there’s no shortage of advice. Blog, Tweet, Like, Share.

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Online Marketing: Start The Year On a Good Path
Online Marketing: Start The Year On a Good Path
30 December

Online marketing is a fickle beast – and you have to do it all the time. Like many of you,

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Content Marketing: Using Social Delivery for a Good Business Blog Post
Using Social Delivery for a Business Blog Post
28 December

Many small and midsize businesses may use or are considering blogging as part of their marketing strategy. What many fail

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Landing Page Conversions: 7 Killer Flaws [Infographic]
20 December

Landing Page Conversions: 7 Killer Flaws An infographic from that tackles the critical landing page conversions, outlining seven flaws

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Twisted Puppy: Permission Marketing
Permission marketing is no longer the future…
8 December

On rare occasions, a podcast will stop me in my tracks. A few weeks ago, on Six Pixels of Separation,

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Twisted Puppy: How to Manage Marketing Consistency
How to Manage Marketing Consistency
1 December

Ah, the perils of not having marketing consistency… When building our first website development and hosting company, my partner and

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Twisted Puppy: Email Newsletter - 9 Tips to Maximize Engagement
9 Tips to Maximize Engagement in Your Email Newsletter
24 November

Like blogging, newsletters require attention to detail if you want to truly engage your readers. I’ve been helping clients prepare

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Twisted Puppy: Content Marketing is Hard
Content Marketing Is Hard (and What You Can Do About It)
7 November

For the past few weeks, I’ve been living the pain that is content marketing. I recently wrote an eBook (not

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Twisted Puppy: Effective Email Marketing Strategies - Planning Your Content
Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Planning Your Content
24 September

If you want to send more effective marketing emails, start with a roadmap. A clear vision of what you’re trying

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Twitter Retrospective: 7 Useful Tweets
18 September

I tweet. A lot. My Tweetdeck looks like a command center, with hashtags and accounts… Primarily, I use Twitter as

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Props for a Great Customer Experience
27 February

Maybe Cloudmark sent this same email to every customer, but it sure was nice to open and read.   Thank

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Meets Maslow’s Hierarchy
17 December

You’ve probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy, part of a classical 1940’s publication about psychology and behavior. We often see diagrams

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SEO and The Tortoise of Website Performance
11 December

We were recently working on a website that took F O R E V E R to load, and that

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Holiday Prediction: Promotions Are Headed for Fatigue
16 November

In October, the National Retail Federation predicted a 4.1% growth in sales in November and December, compared to one year

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Avoid Marketing Peaks & Valleys
3 November

I have seen this phenomenon time and time again, but I would never have understood it unless it happened to

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Designing Landing Pages that Convert
2 November

Are you tapping into the ease and results of landing pages? Check out this infographic for 10 ways to design

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Uh Oh: Overcoming Negative Social Feedback
1 November

There it is, the latest review on Yelp. You suck. One star. ★ What do you have planned to overcome

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What She Said: The Power of Customer Testimonials
30 October

Nothing your marketing messages say is as powerful as what your customers can say about you. Nielsen’s research indicates that

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The Most Effective Press Release
29 October

<rant> Over my career, I’ve been involved with a number of software projects. Some of these projects were vaporware, while

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Be bold. Marketing is no place for similarity.
27 October

Be bold. Marketing is no place for similarity. Take chances. Don’t overthink it. Do something the other guys aren’t. I

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Uni Direct LA: Ocean Fresh Sea Urchin, Anyone?
4 March

Uni may be an acquired taste, but for those who love it, it’s nectar. Feeling adventurous? Crack open a live

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Claude Hopkins: Godfather of Copywriting
24 February

If you could raise any creative person from the dead, whom would you hire at your company?

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Great Example of Email Marketing
4 April

We wouldn’t say we’re the easiest audience – and today, iStockPhoto cleared the bar of showing great email marketing techniques.

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