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Twisted Puppy: Effective online marketing for small businesses

Effective Online Marketing for Small Businesses Starts Here

Let us show you how we help our clients achieve their goals. In just a few daily lessons, learn how to find your audience, build traffic, drive more conversions and manage sales funnels with our Octagon of BOOM: 8 essentials that shape explosive online marketing.

These methods can double your traffic and explode your conversion ratio. Here’s what we’ll cover…

Know Thy Customer

Pour the foundation with our persona template for identifying your ideal customers.

Create the Right Offers

Develop tools to gradually engage prospects with your products and services.

Showcase Your Unique Personality

Create your brand’s character using your unique voice and viewpoint.

Deliver A Powerful Message

Pull everything together to write better copy that attracts more business.

Learn Killer Tactics

We’ll show you some clever ways to reach more customers in more places.

Pick the Best Channels

We’ll teach you how to use the online marketing channels that will be effective for you.

Master Your Sales Funnels

Once you find traffic, the key to success is working to earn visitor’s trust (and their money).

Measure the Right Things

How do you know if everything is working? We’ll show you simple metrics and how to track them.

Meet Twisted Puppy

We’re a full service internet agency, building websites and helping companies with online marketing. Like you, we are a small business competing against big players with fat wallets.

So what do we do? We work smarter than they do. Our business is about helping you grow yours. Simply stated, we design & execute effective online marketing for small businesses.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been at this a long time. I research a lot. I was skeptical that anyone could help me grow my website, but I was wrong. Scott gave me clear, actionable steps I could take immediately. Scott really knows his stuff.

Smart Classroom Management
San Diego, CA

Our new website is beautiful, focused and absolutely first rate.  Without question my expectations have been exceeded.  Our goals have been achieved, but more importantly, the feedback from visitors has been fantastic.  And when we combined the launch of our social marketing program, the results have been a steady increase in presence and sales growth!

Scott Bryan
Miami, FL

I try to recommend Twisted Puppy to everyone. They have earned my respect by being timely and proactive, with a clear consideration for my budget. Specifically interested in bringing high-quality content to the largest audience possible, Twisted Puppy has constantly shown me ways to improve my SEO and audience reach, but more importantly, how to accomplish this in a most fiscally reasonable manner.

Dave Miller
Drive with Dave
Redondo Beach, CA