Sometimes you stumble across something you wish you had said or created yourself. Here’s a fast & loose explanation from Gregory Markel of Infuse Creative outlining many of the core tactics and techniques we regularly prescribe for maximizing effectiveness of your website.

The key points presented in the video include the following ideas:

Content Strategy

Website traffic originates from offers of great content, something valuable for the audience. We have countless ways of finding content that will benefit our visitors, from original blog posts to how-to videos to roundup posts. Posting regularly matters. We cringe at sites with most recent blog posts from 2013…hey, that was 3 years ago.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you have something online (content), you need to make sure search engines have it available and that it’s optimized properly. We argue that SEO isn’t an afterthought. Content should be written in such a way that SEO is meat falling off the bone.

Using Social

The best content will be shared. And if you get it shared by market influencers, the SEO juice flows back to you. Don’t forget to make it EASY to share, and to occasionally ask. “Like our content? Tell a friend!”


The eighth side of our Octagon of BOOM online marketing course is metrics. We are fanatical about managing growth through analytics. We’ve made the mistake ourselves of “set it and forget it”, which can waste money on ads or let big problems go unattended. You MUST watch your reporting. You must also embrace analytics in modern, effective marketing.


When launching something new, it helps to generate that initial traffic if you advertise. We use small campaigns, split tests, social marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and analytics to find combinations that work. It’s like watering the garden. If you don’t do it, you may get some growth, but if you do, you can be pretty sure you’ll get something.


Maximizing Effectiveness of Your Website

Mr. Markel has assembled a strong list, one we espouse ourselves. It’s actually a good step-by-step recipe for website success (start at content and work down the list). Tip o’ the cap to Mr. Markel and BusinessRockStars for getting it right in 5 basic steps for maximizing effectiveness of your website.