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Meet Twisted Puppy

We’re a full service internet agency, building websites and helping companies with online marketing.

Online Marketing Tips…

Tech Strategy

Choosing best technologies for  your business.

Graphic Design

Designing unique, interactive online websites.

Content Marketing

Creating effective materials to drive traffic.

Email Marketing

Running effective email campaigns.

Social Media Strategy

Engaging customers and building audiences.


Optimizing websites for maximum reach.


Developing easy-to-manage online stores.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been at this a long time. I research a lot. I was skeptical that anyone could help me grow my website, but I was wrong. Scott gave me clear, actionable steps I could take immediately. Scott really knows his stuff.

Smart Classroom Management
San Diego, CA


I try to recommend Twisted Puppy to everyone. They have earned my respect by being timely and proactive, with a clear consideration for my budget. Specifically interested in bringing high-quality content to the largest audience possible, Twisted Puppy has constantly shown me ways to improve my SEO and audience reach, but more importantly, how to accomplish this in a most fiscally reasonable manner.

Dave Miller
Drive with Dave
Redondo Beach, CA