Landing Page Conversions: 7 Killer Flaws [Infographic]

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Landing Page Conversions: 7 Killer Flaws

An infographic from that tackles the critical landing page conversions, outlining seven flaws that can kill your conversion, and how you can fix them. The infographic also contains useful insights and information such as:

  • Importance of using landing pages
  • How to avoid information overload
  • Getting the right Calls to Action
  • Text or copy weight
  • Site speed and load time
  • Split testing is critical


Infographic: Landing Page Conversions - 7 Killer Flaws


Twisted Puppy’s Philosophy on Landing Pages

We believe in using a landing page strategy for every business. Arguably the most important things for us are building landing pages around a single call-to-action (CTA), running split tests and measuring landing page conversions. What we find in many small businesses is NO landing page strategy, and if there is one, it’s not being tested and iterated. We understand – it all takes time – but it is essential to build your sales funnel…