Grammar Police: Your, Its, There, Very

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I suppose I’m a badge-carrying member of the grammar police force. Four words in particular can get under my skin when misused: Your, Its, There, Very. The reason? Far too many people abuse them, and it’s really not hard to get it right.

Grammar Police: You're






  • There: Use this as a location, as in over there
  • They’re: Use this as a contraction for they are
  • Their: Use this to indicate possession, as in their address



When writing, try to avoid this unnecessary word. We use it regularly in conversation, but chances are there’s a better word for what you’re trying to say. Very hot could be molten. Very pretty could be stunning.


Stop the Grammar Police Before They Stop You

I won’t shame anyone for getting their grammar wrong, but it comes across as sloppy or uneducated. Think about their use just a second longer and you’re going to help you come across sharper and more intelligent! The grammar police won’t be knocking on your door.