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Twisted Puppy Blog: Keeping Visitor Interest Week After Week
Keeping Visitor Interest Week after Week
6 February

Our Interview with Smart Classroom Management’s Michael Linsin One of the more successful small business bloggers we know is Smart

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Copywriting that Converts: 8 things to try in your next landing page, blog post or newsletter
Copywriting that Converts
2 February

8 Things to Try in Your Next Landing Page, Blog Post or Newsletter The ultimate goal of copywriting is sales

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Online Marketing: Start The Year On a Good Path
Online Marketing: Start The Year On a Good Path
30 December

Online marketing is a fickle beast – and you have to do it all the time. Like many of you,

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Twisted Puppy: Permission Marketing
Permission marketing is no longer the future…
8 December

On rare occasions, a podcast will stop me in my tracks. A few weeks ago, on Six Pixels of Separation,

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Twisted Puppy: How to Manage Marketing Consistency
How to Manage Marketing Consistency
1 December

Ah, the perils of not having marketing consistency… When building our first website development and hosting company, my partner and

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Twisted Puppy: Email Newsletter - 9 Tips to Maximize Engagement
9 Tips to Maximize Engagement in Your Email Newsletter
24 November

Like blogging, newsletters require attention to detail if you want to truly engage your readers. I’ve been helping clients prepare

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Twisted Puppy: Effective Email Marketing Strategies - Planning Your Content
Effective Email Marketing Strategies: Planning Your Content
24 September

If you want to send more effective marketing emails, start with a roadmap. A clear vision of what you’re trying

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Props for a Great Customer Experience
27 February

Maybe Cloudmark sent this same email to every customer, but it sure was nice to open and read.   Thank

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