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Twisted Puppy: Creating DESIRE - Digital Marketing Strategy
Creating DESIRE
17 March

In his 1984 book Influence, Robert Cialdini shared many academic theories that greatly impacted modern marketing. What original research had

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Twisted Puppy: I Is for Interest
I Is for Interest
7 February

Picture this: someone clicks a link and lands on your website. Moment of truth. Actually split second of truth. Research

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Twisted Puppy: V Is for Value Proposition
V Is for Value Proposition
30 January

How to Create an Effective Value Proposition (and Keep Trying When You Fail) A powerful sales value proposition is essential

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Four Building Blocks of Website Success
Four Building Blocks of Website Success
19 December

You may have read about AIDA, an acronym for Attention – Interest – Decision – Action. We’ve been explaining how to manage funnels in Octagon of BOOM, with reference to AIDA in some of our live presentations. AIDA represents the four building blocks of website success, and here’s our philosophy behind how you can use it to grow your revenue.

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Twisted Puppy Blog: Neuroscience 101 - It's Science Yo!
Neuromarketing 101: It’s Science, Yo!
7 September

Chemistry. Biology. Art. Math. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a fancy phrase that describes “getting online users to take an action

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Be bold. Be antifragile. A Basis for Conversion Rate Optimization.
Be Bold. Be Antifragile. Convert More.
9 May

If you’ve been reading here a while or know me personally, you already know I read. A lot. I carry

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Twisted Puppy: Social Proof - Convincing Customers You Rock
Building Social Proof: Convincing Customers You Rock (Part 2 of 2)
2 May

Social proof can have a huge impact on your online marketing. In our earlier post, we discussed how combinations of

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Twisted Puppy: Always. Be. Converting. The State of Conversion in 2016.
Always Be Converting: The State of Conversion in 2016
13 April

Repeat this conversion mantra after me. Always. Be. Converting. It seems that many small and midsize businesses assume that having

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Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page
20 February

Definition of a Landing Page First things first (a pet peeve is folks who get this part wrong…). A landing

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Copywriting that Converts: 8 things to try in your next landing page, blog post or newsletter
Copywriting that Converts
2 February

8 Things to Try in Your Next Landing Page, Blog Post or Newsletter The ultimate goal of copywriting is sales

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Creating Effective Landing Pages: 9 Critical Steps
9 Critical Steps for Creating Effective Landing Pages
20 January

The best (and worst) thing about online marketing today is that there’s no shortage of advice. Blog, Tweet, Like, Share.

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Online Marketing: Start The Year On a Good Path
Online Marketing: Start The Year On a Good Path
30 December

Online marketing is a fickle beast – and you have to do it all the time. Like many of you,

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Landing Page Conversions: 7 Killer Flaws [Infographic]
20 December

Landing Page Conversions: 7 Killer Flaws An infographic from that tackles the critical landing page conversions, outlining seven flaws

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Designing Landing Pages that Convert
2 November

Are you tapping into the ease and results of landing pages? Check out this infographic for 10 ways to design

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