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Twisted Puppy: Lifehacking - 5 Bullet Friday
Lifehacking: 5 Bullet Friday (NOT by Tim Ferriss)
13 November

As an homage to lifehacking guru extraordinaire Tim Ferriss, here is my weekly dose of “5-Bullet Friday” – a list

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Startup Books
Reading List: 6 Startup Books I Wish I’d Read Sooner
22 May

I’ve seen many book lists over the years that urge startups to read a select set of books. Although one

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Must Reading for Understanding User Experience Design
23 February

Several years ago on Twitter, I stumbled across a hashtag that aligned to a project I was working on with

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What I’m Reading [January 2015]
18 January

My library card gets a workout, and I’m pretty sure Amazon loves me. Except that I got Prime, so that

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Creative Flow: Mastery and Productivity Gains
28 October

One of the most motivating books I’ve read this year was The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler, searching for

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What Are You Loving This Month? [February 2014]
15 February

I was inspired by a business magazine article this week – the question was posed “what are you loving this

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