As an homage to lifehacking guru extraordinaire Tim Ferriss, here is my weekly dose of “5-Bullet Friday” – a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.


Best podcast episode I found this week

I went for a run, but my old iPod Shuffle is always a week or two behind on sync. Luckily, I found Seth Godin on Six Pixels of Separation to be one of the best podcasts I have EVER heard, let alone this week. I’m going to write about this in detail soon – so much to digest.


What I’m watching

I’ve been binge watching Walking Dead Season 5 on Netflix, but for a break from the gore, I’ve teed up TED Talks: Life Hack 2: The Next Level. Shocking selection for me (not). Is there no end to my lifehacking? 🙂


What I’m reading

Captivology by Ben Parr
In this era of unstoppable ADHD, it’s important to understand the underlying psychology of getting and keeping attention… I’m reading it slowly so I don’t miss anything. Honorable mention: reading “Alice in Wonderland” (by Lewis Carroll, not the non-Disney one) to my son – riveting (but hard to read aloud!).


Something I’m test driving

It disturbs me when I’m targeted and re-targeted, so I’m testing Ghostery to see just how much ad tracking I endure. Creepy. You know what they say: if you’re not paying, you’re the product.


Quote that has influenced my lifehacking mindset

There are no solutions, only trade-offs.
– Thomas Sowell (as included in Essentialism by Greg McKeown)


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!



Editor’s Note: I eventually did write the Seth Godin post about Content Marketing. You can see it here. Quite frankly, there’s no way to do the podcast justice, so listen to it!