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Twisted Puppy is a full service internet agency. We specialize in assisting small and midsize businesses leverage technology, especially with online marketing through websites, newsletters, YouTube, social media and mobile applications. If you are looking for ways to grow your business, we can help.

Based in Manhattan Beach, California, we’re proud to live in and serve the South Bay in Los Angeles. We also work with businesses across the United States who trust that Twisted Puppy can provide outstanding online marketing effort remotely.

If you want to be the lead dog in your market, you have come to the right place.

Website Development & Online Marketing Services

We create functional beauty and exceptional customer experiences.

Our Services

Website Development
If you want to build a bigger, better online brand, we can help you develop a strong visual and technology framework for your business. We’ve built amazing websites for companies in many industries. We understand marketing and technology, so your website will not only communicate your message effectively, but it’ll be easy to manage and run smoothly.
Content Marketing
The best way for you to attract visitors and build the right kind of traffic for your website is with beautiful design, strong copywriting, and smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And we’ll help you develop sales funnels that convert traffic into revenue with the latest neuroscience, conversion optimization techniques and metrics reporting.
Social Media Strategy
New to or frustrated by social media? Fear not. We help companies like yours convert your audience to advocates. And we won’t waste countless hours or marketing budgets on ideas with no return on your investment. We know how to optimize resources with social media so you’re doing the right things.

Specialized Skills

Tech Strategy

Choosing best technologies for  your business.

Graphic Design

Designing unique, interactive online websites.


Customizing websites & blogs to your needs.

Email Marketing

Running effective email campaigns.


Optimizing websites for maximum reach.

Conversion Optimization

Turning more traffic into customers.


Developing easy-to-manage online stores.

Social Media Strategy

Engaging more customers and building audiences.

Mobile Apps

Building apps for iOS phones & tablets.

On time. Within budget. Beyond expectation.

Do Less. Better.


If you want to see the kinds of work we do, here are a few select case studies from past website development and online marketing projects. No two websites or campaigns are alike, and we learn from each assignment to make the next one even better.

What Web Development Clients Say

Twisted Puppy brought a kind and gentle approach to guiding me through the entire process. Scott made things easy for me to understand with a lot of his one on one time to make sure I got what he was going to do. There was no pushy sales pitch, just great business practices (timelines, spread sheets, emails telling me where he was in the plan and exactly what he needed from me). I found exceptional quality of work, and the team helping were just as good as he is.

Annette Guillardo, Owner of South Bay School of Cooking

What Online Marketing Clients Say

“Working with Twisted Puppy has been one of the
best decisions I’ve ever made for my business.”

Over the past couple of years, Scott has made changes to my website and marketing approach that have resulted in greater traffic and more customers. His expert knowledge of SEO, conversion methods, and content creation has put me in position to dominate my industry. I saw results almost immediately, but more impressive, and important to me, is that the improvement has been enduring, growing steadily to this day.

Michael, Owner of Smart Classroom Management, San Diego, CA

What Website Development Clients Say

“Our website went from one of the worst
to one of the best in our field.”

I found Twisted Puppy wanted this as much as we did, which showed in the final product. It was the partnership I was searching for in a web developer. We found Twisted Puppy creative, informative, easy to work with, responsive and overall timely.

Laura Fischer, Neptunian Woman's Club, Manhattan Beach

What Website Development Clients Say

“When you work with Scott Herring and Twisted Puppy,
you don’t have a contracting relationship,
you have a partnership focused on success.”

I chose Twisted Puppy because I needed to upgrade my website and wanted to establish a focused social marketing program. After discussing my goals and clarifying my time constraints, Twisted Puppy developed an implementation strategy. They presented sketch work, listened to my thoughts and offered flexibility yet stayed true to the strategy. Every development goal was hit, feedback and suggestions were prompt, and scope creep was kept to an absolute minimum through Scott’s management.

The end result…our new website is beautiful, focused and absolutely first rate.  Without question my expectations have been exceeded.  Our goals have been achieved, but more importantly, the feedback from visitors has been fantastic.  And when we combined the launch of our social marketing program, the results have been a steady increase in presence and sales growth!

But it hasn’t stopped there… Scott has helped me learn about monitoring, the benefits of consistently blogging, scheduling, and directing clients for the best results.

Scott Bryan, G8R Software, Miami, FL

What Website Development Clients Say

“Twisted Puppy makes the unsolvable easy, allowing me
greater productivity in the day to day of running my business.”

I try to recommend Twisted Puppy to everyone. They have earned my respect by being timely and proactive, with a clear consideration for my budget. Specifically interested in bringing high-quality content to the largest audience possible, Twisted Puppy has constantly shown me ways to improve my SEO and audience reach, but more importantly, how to accomplish this in a most fiscally reasonable manner.

Dave Miller, Drive with Dave, Redondo Beach, CA

What Online Marketing Clients Say

“Twisted Puppy is an original!
They bring a fresh perspective,
challenge us to think, and think differently.”

Scott Herring has shown a knack for conveying powerful ideas in simple terms, dissecting today’s myriad complex media and marketing issues into easily understood pieces. He’s helped in many different areas of our business — there isn’t a more comprehensive business resource.  You’re in good paws with Twisted Puppy.

Monica Escalante, Owner of Regne Salon & Beauty Boutique, Pasadena, CA

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